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 STRAW PELLETS for bedding

Straw pellets from EINUVA

What are the differences between top quality straw pellets used for bedding and straw pellets used for biofuel?
There are only three main differences: the experience of the manufacturer, manufacturing process control and responsibility of the supplier.
We have long-standing experience in manufacturing and supply, so we know well how to produce high quality straw pellets suitable for bedding. We control the entire production process, from the preparation of raw material and processing to the quality of straw pellets and storage conditions.  
You will feel it in every single straw pellet! 


More value because cost effective; 
100% natural product from wheat straws; 
Superb absorption rate and drainage; 
Free from dust and mold during storage; 
Safe: do not contain bacteria, microorganisms and fungus; 
Good absorption of the smell of ammonia;  
Easy and economical to use; 
Environmentally friendly product, recycling - the waste breaks down in weeks and can serve as an excellent fertilizer;
Requires less storage space and less effort to muck out a box. 


Isochronous bottom calorific value (MJ), MJ/kg          14.1
Isochronous bottom calorific value (kcal), kcal/kg     3370
Moisture (A), %                                               
Ash content in (A), %                                          5.1
Upper Isochronous calorific values (MJ), Mj/kg          15.5
Upper Isochronous calorific value (kcal), kcal/kg       3710
Ingredients, Wheat Straw, %:                                100  
Pellets diameter (ø) mm:                             8 (or 6, 10) 

Comply with the requirements of SPF standards for bedding


This season we plan to produce about 4500 tons of straw pellets. 
We can deliver up to 500 tons (21 truckloads) per month. 


In 15kg bags: 67 bags on a pallet 1.0 x 1.2m; 24 pallets (24.12 tons); 
In 20kg bags: 50 bags on a pallet 1.0 x 1.2m; 24 pallets (24.0tons);
In 1100kg big bags: A truckload: 22 big bags (24.20 tons).
* Generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags are also available. Please contact us for more information. 


We'll deliver any order from 1 to 24 tons!
A better price is always offered when ordering a truckload of 24 tons. 
Regular customers who purchase all season round are offered the best price. 
Please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order at the best price at any time and place agreed. Please submit your request about the products you are interested in and we will give you an offer including the delivery service. You will only have to provide access to your site for a full-size truck and arrange unloading.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!