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 WOOD PELLETS for heating (ø 6 mm)

  Wood pellets are premium quality with great combustion characteristics that are very well regarded by our customers. Pellets are approved for use for appropriate combustion systems and stoves.  Wood pellets are produced from European fir and pine and satisfy the requirements of EN plus - A1 certificate. There is no bark in pellets ingredients because pellets are made of stripped wood. The manufacture process keeps natural smell of fir and pine. During manufacture of pellets not only high humidity is removed but also resin. That helps to achieve as high combustion efficiency as possible.

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EN plus - A1 quality;
100% of clear fir and pine wood;
No bark;
Almost no ash;
Easy to store;
Easy to use.


Calorific value:                              4607 kcal/kg
                                                      19,3 MJ/kg
Diameter:                                               6 mm 
Ash:                                                        0,4% 
Humidity:                                                5,7 %
Sulfur content:                                        0,01%


We can deliver up to 192 tons (8 truckloads) per month.


In 15 kg bags;
70 bags on a pallet 1,0 x 1,2m (1050 kg);
A truckload:  23 pallets (24,15 tons).

*Also available generic, private label, paper and other sizes bags, please contact us for more information.


We'll deliver any order from 1 to 24 tons!
Always better price is offered by ordering 24 tons truckload. 

The best price applies to steady customers who purchase all season - please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order to any location at the best price in agreed time. Please submit your request about products you interested - and we will provide you an offer including delivery service.
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