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  Our ash firewood for those who evaluate the quality:

Raw material: only large-diameter, FSC-certified ash wood;

  • Firewood - only large splitting fraction (70 -150 mm);
  • Slow, prolonged drying process;
  • Kiln-dried;
  • Firewood stacked into wooden crates.

 We are producing fresh felled, air-dried (seasoned) and kiln-dried ash firewood stacked into wooden crates.
 Constant high quality and delivery in time throughout the season!
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FSC-certified ash wood;
Large splitting fraction (70 -150 mm);
Slowly, prolonged dried;
Kiln-dried, Air-dried or Fresh;
Available length of firewood - 25-45 cm;
Available volumes of crate /box - 1RM /1m³ - 2RM /2m³.


Fresh, Air-dried or Kiln-dried firewood:
Calorific value:                                                       2250 - 2500 kcal/kg
                                                                              9.42 - 10.47 MJ/kg
Length:                                                                          250 / 300 mm
Splitting fraction:                                                               70 -150 mm
Humidity:                                                              Kiln-dried: 15 - 20 %   
                                                                             Air-dried: 20 - 30 %
                                         Fresh: 30 - 40 %


We can deliver up to 520 RM (10 truckloads) per month.



Firewood stacked into wooden crates:
Box     / Inside dimensions / Length of firewood / Boxes in truckload
2 RM    /   95x110x192 cm    /          30 cm            /   22-26 (24 tons)
1,8 RM /   85x110x192 cm    /          25 cm            /   24-29 (24 tons)
1 RM    /   85x100x118 cm    /          25 cm            /   44-52 (24 tons) 
*Also available any sizes boxes /crates and sacks /bags, with private label, please contact us for more information.          


We'll deliver any order from 2 RM to 52 RM (24 tons)!
Always better price is offered by ordering 52 RM (24 tons) truckload.
The best price applies to steady customers who purchase all season - please contact us for more information!


We will take care of delivery of your order to any location at the best price in agreed time. Please submit your request about products you interested - and we will provide you an offer including delivery service.
You will only have to provide access to your site for full size truck and ensure unloading.

                             If you need additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!